TOP 6 advantages of hydroponics

Hydroponics is widely regarded as the direction agriculture will be headed. The advantages of hydroponics are too numerous to count, but here are the top 6.

Requires 90% less water and fertilizer than tradition field agriculture

As clean water become more scarce, hydroponics looks more appealing. Most of the water used in field agriculture doesn’t go to the plants – it runs off into local water supplies, carrying fertilizers with it. Nearly all of the water used in hydroponic systems is used by the plants, with no over watering worries.

Almost no pollution

Agricultural runoff is one of the largest pollutants on the planet, causing destruction of wildlife habitats in every corner of the globe. Agricultural runoff is primarily fertilizers – containing high levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. If fertilizer-rich agricultural runoff reaches any body of water, it can cause algae to grow out of control. When algae grows like this, it sucks all of the oxygen out of the water source, causing the death of every life form in the water. Hydroponic setups use almost all of the fertilizer put into them, resulting in almost no agricultural pollution.

Faster growth rates

Hydroponics can produce up to 5x the yield per square foot that traditional dirt growing, due to more readily available water, oxygen, and nutrients. This makes growing crops in small apartments with either grow lights or window light more economical. This also makes it cost effective to grow in greenhouses, which results in a food supply being produces closer to the end consumer, reducing fossil fuel consumption and costs simultaneously.

Less work

Experienced gardeners know how much work keeping a high producing garden can be. Weeding can take hours per week for even a small dirt garden. The only upkeep involved in hydroponic gardening is checking hydroponic nutrient solution levels and harvesting.

No herbicides and pesticides

No weeds means no herbicides, and since most hydroponic gardens are in grow rooms or green houses, there are very few insects which require pesticides to keep in check.

Turns any land into heavily producing agricultural land, year round

Whether its a desert or the middle of the ocean, hydroponic vegetables can be produced anywhere.

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