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Cloning Gels & Solutions

Cloning Gels & Solutions


What is Cloning Gel?

Growing plants can be exciting, especially when you harvest that perfect crop. Unfortunately, not all plants grow the same, even if they're from the seeds. With cloning gel, however, you're able to grow genetically identical plants. Both indoor and outdoor growers can benefit from using a cloning solution to get the same results when propagating plants.

How to Choose the Best Cloning Gel

Finding the best plant cloning gel depends entirely on your preferences. If your budget is a concern or you're completely new to indoor gardening, you can always order a tiny amount of cloning gel to see how it works. For example, we carry a cloning solution from Clonex that comes in sizes ranging from 1 quart to 5 gallons, so you can start small and work your way up depending on the amount of crops you wish to produce. However, we also carry mist sprays and rooting powders. Ultimately, your plant cloning gel, powder or mist just needs to be efficient enough to provide the best results for the price. Fortunately, we at Indoor Gardens have many options from the industry's top brands, including:

  • Clonex
  • Dip 'N Grow
  • EZ Clone
  • Hormex
  • Olivia's Solution
  • Technaflora

When you're ready to start cloning excellent crops, check out our selection of cloning solution products and order today!