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Propagation & Plant Starter Trays

Propagation & Plant Starter Trays


Why You Need Great Plant or Seed Starter Trays

When you're ready to cultivate some excellent plants from seeds or cuttings, you'll need plenty of high-quality plant starter trays to hold your crops and maximize their growth. Plant and seed starter trays are perfect for growing within a greenhouse, indoor grow tent or any other indoor growing space within your home. They can also be used for additional space outside if your garden doesn't have room for more seeds. And, if you ever need to transport your plants around your home or take them on-the-go, these trays will come in handy.

How to Choose Plant Starter Trays

At Indoor Gardens, we carry many types of plant starter trays to help you grow some great, bountiful crops. But, it's crucial that you purchase the right trays for your specific growing method. For example, if you are growing plants from cuttings, a propagation tray would be better suited for your needs compared to using germination trays. Likewise, a cloning tray is intended for (as you guessed it) cloning plants, so you wouldn't want to use a germination or propagation trays. Regardless of how you choose to grow plants, it's also important that your trays have plenty of cells or space to hold your desired amount of crops. The last thing you need is an unbalanced tray with too many plants and very little room to grow.

When you're ready to order a set of trays or grow domes for your containers, browse our products and order now.