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Double Ended HPS Grow Lights

Double Ended HPS Grow Lights

What Are HPS Double Ended Grow Lights?

Similar to HID single ended (SE) grow lights, (DE) double ended HPS grow lights are used by horticulturists across the globe for efficient gardening. However, what makes these double ended lights different from SE lights is that they are more often used for commercial growing than growing a few plants for fun indoors. Don't get us wrong — you can still get great results with an SE light, but a DE grow light emits more power to produce larger yields. Additionally, these lights last longer than SE lights and are more energy-efficient.

Purchase Double Ended HPS Lights at Indoor Gardens

Before you purchase double ended HPS lights, it's crucial that you have an understanding of what all you'll need to run these bulbs in your home or greenhouse. Unfortunately, compared to a single ended light, a double ended grow light takes up more space, so these are only ideal for your setup if you have plenty of room available. And, you must also have the right equipment and accessories to house your bulbs properly. 

Here are some of the DE grow light products that we carry in our online store:

Double Ended HPS Lamps

While the double ended HPS lamps that we sell are highly-efficient and offer excellent performance, each light requires a certain amount of wattage, meaning you'll need to choose a double ended grow light that is most compatible with your ballast. Some of the bulbs we sell include the Hortilux 1000W DE bulb, MaxPar 600W bulb and more.

DE Grow Light Reflectors

Without a reflector, your light bulb is useless! These items hold double ended grow lights in place while reflecting their light onto the plants for even distribution of light amongst your crops. We carry reflectors from some of the top brands on the market, and you can order products ranging from the Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Reflector to the Raptor 1000W Double Ended Reflector

DE Grow Light Ballasts

You can't have all of these double ended lights without a sturdy ballast that works alongside a grow room controller to power up your bulbs! Whether you're interested in a Galaxy, Phantom or Sun System double ended ballast, we have you covered.

Purchase double ended HPS bulbs and supplies from Indoor Gardens today!