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Plant Propagation Supplies

Plant Propagation Supplies

To put it simply, propagation is growing new plants from either sexual or asexual reproduction — seed germination makes up the former and plant cuttings the latter. Both forms of propagation can be applied to outdoor gardening and indoor growing environments, such as grow tents. But, regardless of the method chosen, it's crucial to have the best propagation tools and gear to guarantee a bountiful harvest. 

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Purchase Propagation Supplies for Your Indoor Growing Space

If you're passionate about plant propagation, look no further than Indoor Gardens' selection of high-quality plant propagation supplies to handle your gardening. From asexual methods involving cuttings to more traditional methods using seeds, we offer cloning machines and trays to help you achieve the best results and healthiest produce.

Cloning Machines

We offer cloning machines in all the popular brands, including EZ-Clone, Hydrofarm, General Hydroponics and Super Sprouter. Each power cloner is made-to-last and will greatly reduce the time and effort needed to clone great looking plants. Some of the products we sell include the Botanicare Power Cloner in both black and white (with a dome), and the EZ-Clone Low Pro 64.

Trays for Propagation

Our selection of highly-durable and spacious trays can increase your productivity. From 72-cell square plug flat inserts to 10"x20" propagation trays, our products will keep your plants secure and moist to guarantee excellent results. 

Grow more high-quality plants by purchasing premium propagation tools and supplies from Indoor Gardens today!