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Complete Hydroponic Grow Systems

Complete Hydroponic Grow Systems

At Indoor Gardens, we offer a massive selection of hydroponic growing systems and kits. Shop for everything from flood and drain parts to deep water culture systems. Whether you're an at-home gardener wanting a hydroponic salad garden kit or a commercial grower shopping for complete indoor growing systems, consider us your one-stop-shop for all your indoor gardening and growing system needs. Build your very own indoor hydroponic growing system today with the help of Indoor Gardens. 

Learn More About Starting Your Own Hydroponic Growing System 

As Ohio's premier hydroponic superstore, our mission is to help customers succeed in creating a thriving indoor garden or growing system. From hydroponic advice and unparalleled customer service to incredibly low prices and the industry's top products, Indoor Gardens is here to help.

What is a Hydroponic Growing System?

A hydroponic growing system uses water to transfer dissolved nutrients to a plant's root base, as opposed to having them rooted in soil. Hydro growing systems can be set up in various ways, including drain to waste, ebb and flow, and deep water culture. When setting up your garden, you can utilize one or more of these growing system methods based on your specific needs.

What are the Environmental Requirements for Indoor Growing Systems?

If you're looking to have your own indoor growing system, you'll need a temperature between 70-80°F with humidity somewhere between 40-60%, depending on the plants' stages of growth. There are always exceptions, so test different methods to determine what works for you and your plants.

Which Nutrients Should I Use With My Hydroponic Growing System? 

We get it! Picking out the right plant nutrients for your new growing system can be tricky. Some nutrients perform better in certain situations than others; it all will depend on your unique garden, environment and production goals — but we can help. Reach out for assistance in choosing a product or nutrient line suited to your specific needs. We are committed to helping our customers become better growers through product knowledge and education.