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CMH & LEC Grow Lights

CMH & LEC Grow Lights

When it comes to growing a plethora of healthy plants in your home, you need lights that can offer absolute efficiency. That's where CMH grow lights can help. CMH (ceramic metal halide) grow lights provide perks such as having an excellent PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) spectrum to emit the brightest lights for your plants. Also known as LEC grow lights (light emitting ceramic), these bulbs can make the perfect addition to your grow tent or other indoor growing space.

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Order CMH Grow Lights and Accessories at Indoor Gardens

If you wish to give your plants the balanced spectrum and UV radiation that CMH and LEC grow lights can provide, it's important for you to know about two accessories that will also play a role in your production — ballasts and reflectors. 

Electrical ballasts essentially power each CMH grow light and control light emission to keep the bulbs in their most optimum state. Reflectors, though, do exactly what their name suggests: they reflect! Ceramic metal halide grow lights are housed inside reflectors which direct the location of the bulb's glow. 

Here are some of the ballasts and reflectors that we offer:

Ballasts for CMH Grow Lights

Fortunately, choosing the right ballast boils down to the voltage you will need to successfully emit the proper output from your CMH or LEC lamps. We offer the Phantom II Digital Ballast in both 277V and 120/240V variations. And, we also carry products from Sun System, such as the Hard Core LEC 315 Watt ballast. 

Reflectors for LEC Grow Lights

Reflectors are made with materials such as aluminum to offer excellent light diffusion for plants, and are available in both "remote" or "connected" variations. The difference between the two is that "remote" reflectors are separate from ballasts, whereas the latter variation is connected to the ballast. Depending on your preference, you can order a Sun System LEC 315 RA Remote Reflector or a Phantom 315W CMH Reflector. 

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