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Grow Tents & Grow Tent Accessories

Grow Tents & Grow Tent Accessories

If you live in a part of the country that braves harsh winters or receives a below-average amount of rain, it can be frustrating to grow plants at certain times of the year. So, what if you could grow and nurture an abundant amount of plants, flowers or crops year-round both indoors and portably? When you buy a grow tent, you can do exactly that! These specialty tents are fully insulated, light proof and highly durable to keep out the elements that can tarnish the quality of your plants.

Types of Grow Tents and Grow Tent Accessories

If you're looking to buy a grow tent, you should know that they're offered in a variety of sizes, brands and costs. These can include tents that are spacious enough to hold many plants or just the right size to accommodate your smaller living space. Whether you're experienced in harvesting crops or a complete beginner, you're bound to find a grow tent that is right for your level of expertise at Indoor Gardens. We even offer packages to help you get started!

Interested in learning more? Check out the grow tents that we offer:

Grow Tents: Cheap Options

We understand that some of our customers have the urge to grow some tomatoes or strawberries, but unfortunately, many apartments and homes lack a large yard for a garden. Fortunately, grow tents are available in sizes that can fit inside a closet or garage for a low price, such as the 2'x2.5' Gorilla Grow Tent for less than $300. These are also perfect for novice growers. 

Spacious Grow Tents for Pros

However, if you do have plenty of space for wider grow tents, we offer them in sizes ranging from the 8'x16' Gorilla Grow Tent to the RGR Castle 4'x8'x6'11 (7'11"). These larger grow tents offer the same durability and insulation that you get from smaller models but are designed to handle multiple plants for growers who are more invested in their craft.

Grow Tent Accessories

If you want to upgrade your space with some grow tent accessories and parts, you can stay organized with a Gorilla Wire Rack to hold your growing equipment or pots and soil bags. You can also use a gear board to keep your monitors or meters off the floor of your grow tent. These are available in three different sizes by Gorilla: 16mm Gear Board, 19mm Gear Board and 22mm Gear Board. 

Buy all the grow tents and accessories you need at Indoor Gardens!