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Grow Tent Accessories & Parts

Grow Tent Accessories & Parts

The right grow tent frame parts and accessories are just as important as the tent itself! That's why Indoor Gardens offers a top-notch selection of grow tent accessories to help you create an optimal environment for your plants. We have everything you need to keep your meters and monitors elevated and your supplies organized, from gear boards to wire racks. We even have grow tent replacement parts in case any of your current supplies wear down. View all of our grow tent accessories below, or find the perfect grow tent kit for your indoor oasis.

How to Upgrade Your Indoor Garden with Grow Tent Accessories

It's amazing how easily you can maximize the space of even the smallest grow tent with a few simple accessories. For example, grow tent frame parts, like the Gorilla Gear Board, let you elevate oscillating fans, monitors and other expensive environmental meters so they aren't taking up space on the floor. They'll also be easier to access without disturbing your plants. You can even invest in grow tent accessories like wire racks to keep all your fertilizer and gardening tools organized.

Why Indoor Gardening?

Indoor gardening with grow tents and grow tent accessories lets you keep your operation going year-round — no need to keep an eye on the weather! Our grow tents are also highly portable, so it's easy to grow all kinds of plants inside without them overtaking your space. Using a portable indoor grow tent and grow tent accessories is also an affordable way to experiment with indoor gardening before you start looking into greenhouses or other large-scale solutions. 

What are High CFM Kits?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute, and it refers to the strength of your exhaust system, which can create negative air pressure within your grow tent as it sucks out old, stagnant air. High CFM kits, like the ones from Gorilla Grow Tent, are grow tent frame parts that prevent the walls of your tent from bowing inward and encroaching on your plants' precious space. They're easy to install and highly durable for long-lasting support. A great addition to any grow tent!