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Plant Grow Lights

Plant Grow Lights

Indoor garden and lighting products go hand-in-hand. Having a powerful grow light can make a world of difference in the quality of your crops. Perfect for grow tents, indoor grow lights can offer significant coverage, high intensity and even scheduling control for some models to keep your plants growing efficiently. And, because some grow lights for plants are built to last during the most intense weather conditions, you can also use them in greenhouses during the off-season. 

What Kinds of Plant Grow Lights Can You Purchase?

Not all lights are made the same, so you must do your research before investing in plant lighting. Some features vary — from having a tremendous to average waterproof rating to utilizing wireless technology or strictly being wired. In other words, what works for somebody else may not work well with your crops. 

Here are some different grow lights to consider when shopping:

LED Grow Lights

From brands like Scynce LED to Agrobrite, LED grow lights are ideal for hydroponic growing and can offer astounding light density while remaining energy-efficient. Some of the grow lights we offer include the LumiGrow Pro 650, the Gavita Pro 1700e and the budget-friendly HLG 65. We also offer parts and accessories for your lights. 

CMH & LEC Grow Lights

CMH (also known as ceramic metal halide) lamps and LEC (light emitting ceramic) lights are one and the same. They offer a balanced spectrum of light and UV radiation for plants, alongside a natural color rendering index that makes it easy to see your plants' true color instead of unnatural purple or blue light. Our CMH/LEC models consist of the Phantom Dual 315W, Sun System LEC 630 and Sunburst CMH 277V 315W 3100K. 

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Our selection of fluorescent T5 fixtures and lamps offer lower heat and less light for maximum propagation that can bring out the best in seedlings and clones. Check out the Jump Start 2' Modular T5 Light System or the Sun Blaze T5 LED Fixtures.Order bright glow lights and accessories for your plants at Indoor Gardens!